ClaymoreNoFee原版Claymore 10.0返抽水软件


ClaymoreNoFee原版Claymore 10.0返抽水软件

矿工关闭时 – 自动重启
支持操作系统:Windows 64位
支持挖矿软件:Claymore 10.0


下载直接后解压,把文件复制到原版Claymore 10.0程序目录下面,然后修改ClaymoreNoFee配置文件,修改好后,直接运行ClaymoreNoFee.exe挖矿。

Hello everybody. I would like to share with you my program that will help you get more ETH with Claymore miner.
-Removes fees from miner hence improves your hashrate
-Autorestart when miner dies
-Autokill other miners which could be blocking your miner
-Works only for and
-Works only on Windows 64bit
-Works only on Claymore 10.0
-You won’t get all fees
The “ethical” issue of this thing..
If you have problem with this and you think this modification is not ethical. I have to say if Claymore didn’t make milions dollars monthly of your 1-2% fees I would have agreed but in this case NO I don’t think this is problem.
I doubt he could even notice! Why? Well I left a debug feature for people just like you this feature shows Claymore’s wallets and show them in your miner console. So you can check his wallets and see for yourself how many bitcoins he make daily.
He has many wallets on many pools here is just one of them there is maybe 30+ of these you can look them up yourself.
**1. Is it scam? virus?**
No. You can upload the exe to yourself its clean.
**2. How does it works?**
This program starts miner process and monitor it. Precisely it monitors wallets on which fees are sent.
You can set your startup arguments as well as your payout wallet for fees in config file there is no need for .bat files or other scripts.
**3. How to use it?**
Place this exe into same folder where you have Claymore miner and run it. It will create a default config for first run so you can test immediately and see if it works. Let it run for 15 minutes and wait for first dev fee.
**4. How do I know it works?**
Best way to use it is to use same wallet for normal mining and for fees but set a worker fo your standard payout as for fees you cant set a worker it has to be “default” or “x” worker.
Simply when your miner starts mining fee and find a share you should see on your pool stats “default” or “x” worker submited x amount of shares.
**5. Why did you do this?**
I made it for my own use because I wanted to try if its possible or how hard it would be. It turned out to be doable so I did it and used it for few days myself and then I decided I would share it.
I have rewrote it to make it useable for all users and make their mining easier. I have added about 60% code to check for stupid things users may do and much better error handling to ensure your mining will be absolutely flawless.
**6. You wont get all fees?!**
Yes you won’t get everything initially. I wanted to sell this program first for little donation but over time it started to look like a worse idea. The main issue was that noone want to buy some random program which claims to do xy.
It would mean that I would have to personally persuade each person to send me a little donation and thats simply not worth those 5-10 dollars I initally wanted. Not at all. So I would take some of these developer fees which you wouldn’t get anyway.
**7. So what do you get?**
You will get more the longer you mine. Here is small table with what I get.
Basically to be honest I want just a little something I dont want to rob you especially if you like this program I want you to use it and profit from it most so in the end I would get one session daily that is 36/72 seconds based on what you mine.
Mine2 days = each 10th fee session is on me.
Mine > 6 days = each 15th fee session is on me.
Mine > 13 days = each 20th fee session is on me.
This program show you in real time how many fees were saved and how much time it saved you.
Now its good time to ask how much mining time you actually lose to Claymore when using it.
When you mine just ETH you lose 36*24/60 = 14.4mim (daily)
When you dual mine you lose 72*24/60 = 28.8mim (daily)
For fist day of using you should get atleast additional 12.5min when mining just ETH and 25min when dual mining.
NOTE: These numbers are not accurate they are an estimate it yould be off -+10% I chose this values for better readability.


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